Jan 30, 2021
Hakodate Shimbun: Special Issue for the 20th Anniversary of Future University Hakodate "First, Let's Try" #3

Faculty Members Gather for “Something Yet to be Seen”

When you turn the pages of the “University Guide” published every year for prospective students, you will find a list of faculty members with their specialties as well as their experiences and previous jobs.

In the section, you will realize not only who have moved from other universities, many of them have come from industries such as Toshiba, Hitachi, Sony, and NTT, as well as from various research institutes.

They have come to Hakodate from all over the country in explore of “something new,” and have created the openness and “colors” that are unique character of Future University. (Takuo Chiba, Hakodate Newspaper)

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