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About the Noyuri Mima Laboratory Website

The “Noyuri Mima Laboratory Website” is a website managed and operated by Noyuri Mima to provide the public with information on the education, research, and social activities of Noyuri Mima Laboratory.

Content and disclaimer

I have established a policy for the operation of the website, and I take the utmost care in managing and operating it. I strive to provide timely and accurate information about the content of the website. However, please note that I do not guarantee the reliability of all posted content or the safety of the website, and I will not be held responsible for any damages resulting from the use of the website. In addition, the following information is prohibited from being posted on this website.

  • Information that is offensive to public order and morals Information that infringes on copyrights, etc.
  • Information that violates human rights or privacy
  • False information about individuals or organizations, or information that is slanderous
  • Information that is intended for commercial activities that significantly deviate from the purpose of education and research Information that is intended for political or religious activities
  • Confidential information related to the education, research, and general operations of Noyuri Mima Laboratory.
  • Any other information that is not appropriate for the public relations activities of Noyuri Mima Laboratory.

The copyrights to the contents (documents, materials, images, etc.) of the website belong to Noyuri Mima Laboratory, unless otherwise indicated. Please note that there may be cases where a license for use is stipulated. You may use the contents of pages that do not specifically state a license or usage for non-commercial or educational purposes or within the scope of the law. Secondary use, such as copying, reproduction, diversion, or sale for commercial purposes, is prohibited.

Personal information

When personal information is collected on the website, the purpose of use will be clearly stated, and the information will not be used for any other purpose. However, I may provide the information when I have your prior approval or consent, when it is required by law, or when it is necessary for the public interest.


Generally, you are free to link to the website, and you do not need to notify us of your intention to do so. However, please be aware that the URL and content may be changed or suspended without prior notice. I assume no responsibility for any problems that may occur because of linking to this website. Links from the following websites are strictly prohibited.

  • Sites that are offensive to public order and morals or social ethics
  • Websites that slander Noyuri Mima or Noyuri Mima Laboratory.
  • Websites that slander the content of education, research, or other activities of Noyuri Mima Laboratory.
  • Websites that provide information that may be illegal.
  • Sites that spoof or impersonate the website.
  • Other websites that are against the interests of Noyuri Mima Laboratory.
  • Although the website may link to other sites, I do not guarantee the reliability of the content or safety of the linked sites.
Viewing the site

Some parts of the website require plug-ins such as PDF. In addition, most of the website uses JavaScript, which may be difficult to view depending on your browser settings.


This website uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption to ensure the security of personal information communications.