Project-Based Learning

Introduction to PBL @ FUN

Welcome to this five-article series on an exciting and innovative development in the global education futures space – Project-Based Learning – at FUTURE UNIVERSITY HAKODATE. This article series* emerges from a recent book – 未来を創る「プロジェクト学習」のデザイン – or in English: The Design of Project-Based Learning – Learning Methodologies to Transform Our Futures – edited by Professor Noyuri Mima from FUTURE UNIVERSITY HAKODATE (FUN). The articles are based on and adapted from the original chapters from the book and are translated by Dr. David Lindsay Wright, formerly an Associate Professor of the same university and who also taught Project-Based Learning courses to FUN students between 2004 and 2011.

* This article  series has been edited from that originally written for FUN website.

Course subjects

Computer and Education

  • Undergraduate; Elective
  • Keywords: learning, education, knowledge, memory, ICT, meta-cognition, self-regulated learning

Basic Information Expression I

  • Undergraduate; 1st year compulsory
  • Keywords: information representation, programming, prototyping

Introduction to Cognitive Psychology

  • Undergraduate; 2nd year compulsory
  • Keywords: perception, vision, listening, categories, knowledge representation, learning, action, communication, cognitive processes, human interface, robotics, statistical methods

Seminars in Cognitive Psychology

  • Undergraduate; 2nd year compulsory
  • Keywords: cognitive process, experimental method, observation, measurement, data analysis, statistical method, interaction analysis

Introduction to Cognitive System

  • Graduate; Elective
  • Keywords: knowledge, learning, learning environment design, artificial intelligence, user interface, situated cognition